My name is Sarah Williams- I am a VP/ Manager with Moody Bank here in Galveston Texas, and the grandmother of a Special Needs child and Athlete- Andrew Steven Petit 12 years old and a 7th grader at Austin Middle School. Andrew is on the Autism Spectrum.

My Employer offers Volunteer opportunities through a program called Moody Bank Cares, once a month we get a newsletter, listing the organizations in our community we can serve. I found my opportunity to serve special needs adults and children through The Christina Grillo Sullivan Foundation as a Buddy Volunteer having a special needs grandson makes this Foundation very close to my heart, last year Andrew played Tennis for the first time my entire family was so excited Andrew is starting to venture into new endeavors he also has participated with Special Olympics Track and Field and Basketball which he has won multiple medals which has earned him his Ball High Letter Men’s Jacket.

I have volunteered multiple times with the Foundation, serving the patients from Tideway Rehabilitation Center, 3rd Annual Tennis Tournament and Special Needs Children. The joy this brought to me helping these wonderful human beings giving there all, this experience has taught me more compassion, patients and humility I am so proud to be part of the Foundation as a Buddy

Volunteer and will continue to volunteer and help in any way I can.

Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan are wonderful compassionate caring people, who care very much for their Athletes wellbeing. I love how they cheer on the athletes and wonderful words of encouragement.

My most favorite is seeing all the pictures taken, and at the end all the athletes and volunteers throwing the tennis balls for the group picture- GO NINA!