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The Story About The Christina Sullivan Foundation

A Network of Guardians for Hope & Inclusion

The Christina Sullivan Foundation: “A Network of Guardians for Hope & Inclusion” is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity created by her family to assist children and adults with intellectual or physical challenges. Christina was severely brain-injured had a seizure disorder diagnosed with cerebral palsy and quadriplegic. Even though she could not speak a word, she said volumes in what she taught each person who knew of her or had the blessing to be with her. She was loved by so many, but the most beautiful attribute of her life is that she lived.

Today through The Christina Sullivan Foundation, that teaches the importance of inclusion to Learn Work Play Live Unified.

Foundation Vision Sports Center & Research Institute

There is so much to know

The story of Christina is an endearing message of hope.


The “Nina Moments" leading up to the opening of her foundation have been at times spiritually unbelievable…except for continued faith.

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And if everyone gives what they can, we can make a difference for everyone.

There are an estimated 93 million children living with disabilities in the world; half of them are out of school.

Many are invisible, hidden by their families and abandoned by their governments. The Christina Sullivan Foundation believes that regardless of ability, all children and adults have a right to reach their full potential.


Our teams, volunteers, and especially our athletes personify the essence of Christina’s smile  inspiring Hope and Inclusion.


Thank you for your act of kindness together we can keep the smiles of Hope and Inclusion going!


Athletes of all ages, abilities and challenges are supported through our programs and facilities.