Guardians for

Hope and Inclusion

Our Mission as a Network of Guardians for Hope and Inclusion is to encourage and facilitate a healthy and active lifestyle for children and adults with and without intellectual and physical challenges to provide inclusion in Sports, Education, Research and Everyday Life.

Unified Sports Center & Research Institute

Our vision

“The Center will be woven into the fabric of the community, offering opportunities for all athletes to participate in sports without limitation or barriers.”


~ Josephine Sullivan, CEO

The Unified Sports Center & Research Institute’s future location is in League City, Texas. This campus will become a World Class Destination where athletes, students, educators, researchers, and Paralympians will gather together from around the world. It’s all about Inclusion!

“At the inception of this campus, the foundation envisioned a Unified Sports Center and Research Institute,” says Josephine Sullivan, Founder, and CEO of the Christina Sullivan Foundation.

Josephine Sullivan, a visionary, along with her team, heads the planning efforts for this innovative campus, offering a dedicated space that supports a variety of activities to a variety of people—a center of inclusiveness for all. Welcoming athletes’ students, families, researchers, and academia; representing all levels regardless of age or ability with or without intellectual or physical challenges to provide inclusion in Sports, Education, Research, and Everyday Life to Learn, Work, Play, and Live Unified.