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Adaptive and Inclusive Sports

Adaptive and Unified Sports for all ages and abilities

Basketball, Equestrian, Soccer, Tennis, Badminton, Aquatics, Bocce, Flag Football, Golf, Sailing, Softball, Wheelchair Tennis, Bowling, Powerlifting, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Sitting Volleyball, Wheelchair Fencing, Goalball

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Adaptive or Para sports include athletes

Adaptive or Para sports include athletes with a variety of disabilities and challenges. Adaptive sports are competitive or recreational sports for people with disabilities. Adaptive sports often run parallel to typical sports activities. However, they allow modifications necessary for people with disabilities to participate. Many adaptive sports use a classification system that puts athletes with physical challenges on an even playing field with each other.

Abled-bodied Athletes

Abled-bodied Athletes are referred to as the partner of people with physical or intellectual disabilities. Together they play as a Unified Team promoting inclusion in sports and everyday life. Learning a new sport develops higher-level sports skills and has new competition experiences. All athletes experience meaningful inclusion as each athlete ensured a place on the team by socializing with peers’ friendships are formed for happy and positive social interaction between teammates.

“It’s not about the sport. It’s so much more.” ~Josephine Sullivan, CEO

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