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Summer Camps

The Christina Sullivan Foundation Hearts Buddy Beep, Buddy Craig and all the Buddies will always hold you close in our hearts. We love you Eva Marie House. Your Laugh, Smile and the purest of Joy you brought to us all was a gift we will continue to take on this journey of caring for one another.

Mom wrote one day on Facebook you were out on a walk and just looked up and said Nina Nina Nina what we say after every adaptive tennis program… mom said Josephine I think Nina hears you.

I asked my Nina to come find you Eva and put her arms around you and Welcome you Home. I can see you both having so much fun together. My beautiful children of God take care of each other and watch over us all until we see you again… in His Time.


Physically playing a sport adapted to one’s abilities helps to improve balance, mobility, agility, strength, and fitness.  Mentally working on the individual’s focus, concentration, and reactive and problem-solving behaviors.  Emotionally it can promote self-confidence, instill feelings of success, relieve stress, and provide social outlets, such as meeting new friends, enhancing relationships, or providing fun family outings.

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A unified tennis program designed for athletes with autism, down syndrome, and the intellectually challenged to play with an Able-bodied partner (someone without a disability), a family member, or a friend. Let’s have some FUN!


Blind and Visually Impaired athletes can still play tennis. The game’s main difference is a larger-sized tennis ball, which jingles to allow players to track and the number of bounces allowed. Let’s have some FUN!


For ages 6-10 for typically developing students. The equipment: Smaller courts, smaller sized racquets starting from 17’’ (compared to 27’’ full-size racquets) and low-pressure balls (Red, Orange, Green) allow kids to start playing tennis at a much younger age. This lets them enjoy the sport and have fun without the frustrations of having trouble handling full-size racquets and the high and heavy bounce of regular tennis balls. Let’s have some FUN!


Beep baseball is a challenging, physically-demanding, and enjoyable competitive sport for athletes who are blind or visually impaired. Whether in the batter’s box or in the field, athletes use a combination of strength, skill, and auditory senses to focus on the beeping ball and buzzing bases.

Beep baseball allows me to partake in a sport that since I was a young boy, I have always deemed hopeless due to my lack of vision. It allows me to have an outlet, even as an adult, for my competitive nature!”

Please contact us for more information on position availability.

Email: info@christinasullivanfoundation.org

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